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The search engine hookup ratios between long tail keywords and single phrase keywords

The search engine hookup ratios between long tail keywords and single phrase keywords

The search engine hookup ratios between long tail keywords and single phrase keywords

Search Engine Hookup Ratios

1-Did you know that long tail keywords have higher ranking in search engines than single phrase keywords? If you did, then you should try the search engine hookup ratios between long tail keywords and single phrase keywords! If you didn’t, then this article will help explain all about search engine hookup ratios and how to use it to your advantage.

2-Long tail keywords and single phrase keywords; many online marketers are under the impression that the long tail keywords are much more effective than single phrase keywords when it comes to search engine rankings but they’re not entirely sure why this is the case. This article will reveal to you how search engines look at long tail keywords versus single phrase keywords when it comes to page ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Hookup Ratios For Google

As of 2011, Google has indexed 120 trillion pages on its SERPs (search engine results pages) which translates to 1.2 trillion unique URLs. In fact, Google’s index can be searched and sorted more than 10 billion times in one second with a single computer. That is why you should get your keyword into as many places as possible on each page of your website.

When talking about Google SERPs, it is common to talk about Hookups. Hookups are based on results that have a title tag or H1 keyword in common. In order to be considered as a hookup there has to be at least one word on each result in common, more than one word is even better. Some SEOs call these keyword mentions but I prefer to use the term Hookups.

When it comes to SEO, people always hear about how a site needs links. But what they don’t hear about is how a site needs traffic. To have an effective SEO campaign, you need to make sure your SEO efforts are working. This means that you need to have proper link metrics in place to show if your link building efforts are paying off. There are many ways to figure out if you have enough traffic and some of those things include: Are you seeing steady growth month after month? How many pageviews per session? What is your average session duration? Are people using your website internal links or not? How many return visitors do you get every month? These are just some metrics that will help determine if your website has enough search engine traffic.

Hookup Ratios For Bing

You need at least 3 single-phrase keywords to get 1 long-tail keyword. On average, you need 4.7 -5.5 exact match keywords to get 1 long-tail keyword. In our study, we found that there were more searches for singles in Big City than any other city. On Bing, there were 23 times as many searches for single women Big City than there were for single women. So if you want to find dates on Bing, your best bet is to write your profiles so they appeal to specific demographics (like race, age group, gender) rather than specific searches. On Bing, a general profile (Single woman looking for love) is less likely to match with your ideal date than a more specific one (Single black female looking for cute nerd boy). The closer you can pinpoint what people are searching for on Bing, the better chance you have of matching with them.

Average Hookups For Both Engines

1.5-2 : As a rule of thumb, sites with over 1.5-2 hooks per page rank well on engines such as Bing & Yahoo, while having more than 3-4 hooks per page will have a detrimental effect on your ranking (IE: you’ll get removed from listings). Another way to describe it would be to say that if you are optimizing all pages for two or more main keyword phrases, then you should be OK. If not, then there’s probably something wrong with your SEO strategy—and your competitors who are using correct strategies are taking business away from you.

Long Tail Hookups Compared To Single Phrase Hookups by Category

Hotels in Los Angeles California. Hotels are usually only one or two words, they do not have many synonyms (multiple versions of a word that mean the same thing) nor do they have any other meanings besides those related to hotels in general. Their most common usage is for finding accommodations for business or personal travel. Long tail phrases on the other hand such as hotel deals in San Francisco may contain as many as 10+ words and may represent hundreds of different combinations of your keyword(s). These kinds of combinations are more flexible and can also be used to find hotel rooms near your home or office along with dates that fit into your schedule, types of beds available etc. Long tails have so much more functionality then short head terms alone.

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