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Find High Ranking Keywords in Seconds

Find High Ranking Keywords in Seconds

Find High Ranking Keywords in Seconds

You’ve been hearing about the importance of keywords and their role in your Google rankings, but figuring out what keywords are best to target can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to figure this out quickly and get right to the point of writing content that will boost your page views and help you build a successful business around your website or blog. Follow these steps to Know More…

Finding high ranking keywords using Google AdWords

1. Go to Google and type define: keyword + easy to rank (without quotes). Write down all of those high ranking keywords that come up in a couple minutes.

2. Pick any one of them you’d like to promote your website on, then go back to Google and type define: keyword + profitable (without quotes). There will be some profitable keywords listed below that keyword.

To find high ranking keywords you want to bid on, create an AdWords account. You’ll need a credit card, but you won’t be charged unless you actually run ads. Then head over to Google’s Keyword Planner and select Search for new keyword and ad group ideas. Enter your primary keyword. We’ll use ‘coffee’ as an example; if you’re selling coffee mugs, get more specific and add that too, like mug. Then hit search!

Finding High Ranking Keywords using the Google Search Tool

Google Instant is a neat new feature where Google pre-fetches pages while you’re typing into it. With practice, you can use Google Instant to find high ranking keywords and determine what your competitors are doing right—or wrong. Here’s how to start finding high ranking keywords with instant.

Advanced operators – Google search tool is a great way to find high ranking keywords very quickly. For example, if you have an e-commerce site that sells mobile phones and you want to find high ranking keywords related to: how to unlock your phone, then type something like unlock +how to your phone or unlock how+to+your phone in Google search box. This will give you hundreds of keyword ideas for free!

Begin by typing keyword tool into Google and clicking on any of the free options. Here are my results: Copy one of these sample keywords and paste it into your search bar. In my case, I will copy & paste easy to rank. When you get to that screen, you will notice a very long string of letters and numbers.

Google’s Autocomplete feature is a great way to find high ranking keywords. Simply type your desired keyword into Google search and see what pops up as you type. For example, if you’re looking for information on starting a marketing business, you might want to type How to start a marketing business. However, as you’re typing, Google starts suggesting terms that are related and often just as valuable for research. Here are some terms related to How to start a marketing business that pop up: How do I start a business? What steps do I need to take? Where do I begin?

Easily finding high ranking keywords using Rank Tracker Pro

Rank Tracker Pro allows you to quickly find keywords that are easy to rank for. With a few simple clicks, you can specify how much competition there is for each keyword. Then, it will show you only those keywords that have low competition and a high number of searches each month. This way, you’ll be able to focus on keywords that are easier to rank for!

Here’s how to use Rank Tracker Pro to identify high ranking keywords that you can easily rank for. First, start with a search query that gets a decent amount of traffic but isn’t too competitive—these will be much easier to target than terms that are already receiving tons of traffic. Then, click on one of those results and scroll down until you see Suggested Topics

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