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What is blog and blogging?

What is blog and blogging?

What is blog and blogging?

Blogs usually have properties that are useful if you want to get the best out of them as readers. Briefly to a few.

– there are blogs on almost any topic imaginable. Daily Activities, to Tech, to Profession, to personal diaries or tasks – blogging has a lot of categories and varieties can be imagined. Entire communities of blogs have moved some of these questions people are in contact with each other in relationships where you can learn, share ideas emerged, friendships and even do business with people with similar interests worldwide.


You can search on the first page of a blog and I think there is much for them. Some entries in recent years, links to other sites and not much. But it’s good to know there are many more things under the surface that might initially meet the eye. For example, in addition to the home page of this blog – at the time of writing this post there are over 520 other pages or posts below the surface, which I wrote in the last few months.

If I write a post like this comes up. As you progress and how I can add more current posts, begins its journey down the page until it disappears. This is not the end of his life, however, because the “files” is in my blog. You will see links to all my old messages that can be accessed either by category. You will see a category for “advertising” – click on this link and you can see all my old posts about advertising with the most recent at the top and oldest at the bottom.


All blogs use comments to function – but most do. You can click me your opinion about almost everything I write, only on ‘comments’ at the bottom of each of my posts. You go on a little form where you provide your name, email and a link to your personal blog, leave if you have one, and their views, comments, criticisms, questions, essay about why my blog, money promised … . etc.).

A good way to learn about blogging, is just to read some. Leave some comments, questions, and add bookmarks. A better way to learn about blogging is to start your own. Ok – you can now laugh at me – you think they are not web savy enough to have your own website? I do not know where to start? You do not know how?

My advice

Let me tell you a secret with you – three years ago I knew nothing about blogging, I had never used the Internet for more than just e-mails used to surf and chat with friends and I could not do that anytime! But one day I discovered a blog and (blogs tend to link to other blogs much more) after his departure from the other for a few hours, I was hooked and I wanted to start my own

– The situation is something virtually anyone with access to a computer and the Internet once or twice may be carried out weekly

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